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Wheat Ridge’s Friendly Neighborhood Auto Mechanic

Wesley Automotive repair staff at the shop in Wheat Ridge, CO

Engine and Transmission specialists

We can fix any car and any problem

At Wesley Automotive, we’ll take great care of you and your car. Our office staff will make it easy and convenient for you. Most importantly, our mechanics will get the job done right.

With over 34 years of experience servicing cars across the Denver Metro area, we’ve seen everything. Our technicians will diagnose what’s going on with your car and look into the root causes of your issue. Our staff will then give you recommendations while working with your individual needs. 

Cars are complicated, we will do our best to make your decisions as clear and simple as possible. Rest easy knowing you’ve got over three decades of experience working under the hood of your vehicle.  

If your car is broken down and you need to safely get to our shop, call Wes’s towing at (303) 233-2079 (no relation except they’re a mile away on the same street and have the same first name). Tell them you need Wesley Automotive to fix your car and they’ll take care of the rest.

Wes, the head auto mechanic at Wesley Automotive inspecting a car on a repair lift
Car Engine Repair
Car Transmission Repair
Car Brake repair

We have the experience and training to do the big engine and transmission jobs

Our mechanics specialize in the big car repair jobs–rebuilding, repairing, and replacing transmissions and engines. Our transmission rebuilds are covered by a 3-year, 100,000 mile warranty. 

No matter what, cars cost money. If you don’t want to buy a new car and love your old car that needs big fixes, bring it to us. We love our old cars too. We’ve resurrected many cars that were otherwise headed to the junkyard. 

Our auto shop can do everything else too

Our mechanics have the experience to perform any auto service: 4X4 services, Air Conditioning, Alternator replacement, BMW, Brake repair, Clutch replacement, Diesels, Electrical diagnosis, Engine repair, Head gasket repair, Heating and cooling services, Import cars, Jeep repair, Lights, wipers and accesories, MINI cooper, Steering and suspension, Sprinter vans, Transmission repair, Transmission rebuilds, Timing belt replacement, Timing chain replacement, Tune ups, Volvos, and the list goes on…

Here’s a video of Wes, our lead mechanic and shop owner, rebuilding a transmission!

Serving Wheat Ridge, North Denver, Sunnyside, Edgewater, and Arvada

You don’t know us yet. You don’t know that we’ll treat your car like it was our own four-wheeled baby. You don’t know that we’re out to build relationships as much as we rebuild transmissions.

We get it. Maybe you brought your car in for a cheap oil change once and you left with a $5,000 quote. That’s not us. We’ll just give you the facts and talk options. 

We’ll do right by you every time so you come back time and time again.

And we’ll treat you like a friend first and foremost.

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Wheat Ridge auto repair mechanic rebuilding a transmission

Honest prices, every time

We know everyone says they’ve got the best prices. Well, we’re saying it too, but here’s your transparent look at why quotes can skyrocket while our prices stay on the level: 

If you’re the only mechanic in town that can do a specialty job (for instance rebuilding transmissions, which we do!) you can charge what you want. We can. But we won’t. 

Very few people do the specific type of auto work we do. We can give you a better deal because we have the skills and experience. We also have the ethics to give you a fair price.

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