120 years of experience serving the Denver Metro area…

Wes here. Nice to meet you (I’d shake hands but I’m usually covered in grease). It’s been a long journey to become your Denver auto mechanic.

I’m a fourth generation mechanic who grew up around cars. So it felt like a natural progression to complete a 2-year program at Emily Griffith and, in 2007, begin working on cars at a Cadillac dealership. Next, I worked at a Dodge dealership specializing in diesel trucks for 5 years. For 5 years after that I worked in transmission shops (you may remember me from such roles as the mechanic at Arnold’s Transmission, formerly in Edgewater). Then I spent 6 months working on semis and over-the-road trucks followed by a BMW shop for 2 years.

It’s hard to find a make, model or engine type that I haven’t worked on. From Lamborghinis to veggie oil-powered buses, I’ve kept my hands greasy over the years gaining the experience and learning the intricate knowledge it takes to make the claim that I can fix anything! 

Now, here I am. My hard work has paid off and I get to run my own shop in my own honest, reliable way. 

Don’t let the tattoos or the scruffy beard fool you. I’m just Wes, your friendly neighborhood auto mechanic. I’m a three-time award winning dad (do those “Best Dad Ever” mugs count as awards?). I’m a partner, a son, a brother, a friend. I’m also the guy who’s working under your hood, so I know you need to be able to trust me!

Just know that I think of people as potential friends, not potential clients. You might come in saying “I hear this noise!” or “I feel this vibration.” 

I’ll listen, 

I’ll look 

and I’ll give it to you straight. 

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