Engine Repair

Okay, your car needs an engine rebuild in Wheat Ridge and Denver, now what? 

Maybe your car or truck isn’t as powerful as it used to be while driving I-70 west. 

Maybe there’s a cloud of blue smoke coming from the tailpipe and it’s lingering on 38th Avenue. 

Maybe all of a sudden you heard a clunk and a bang, then your engine stopped working. And now you’re stuck at Casa Bonita. 

You’ll know when you need engine help. 

It sucks when you’re stuck. But we can help. 

As our customer we’ll help you understand what regular engine maintenance you should do to your car or truck. We don’t want you to need our engine repair expertise but we’ll be here when you do. 

We don’t think you should sell your car. You love that car, think of all the places you’ve been together. 

Yes, rebuilding an engine is expensive, but what about all the time you’ll have to spend researching a new car? And the time you spend shopping for the best deal on that car?

Your time has to be worth something to you. Let us a take a look at your car before you send it to the junkyard. 

We try our hardest to be the best engine repair shop in Wheat Ridge

We’ll inspect your car’s engine and give you our honest opinion. We’ll tell you what we would do if it were our car.

Most shops in the Denver area might recommend you replace your vehicle rather than rebuild the engine. But, we don’t necessarily think you should scrap that car you love!

Maybe that’s because the other guys want to take the easy way out. Maybe it’s because we just love complex engine repairs. 

We do the car repair jobs that nobody else wants to do

We’ll replace cylinder head gaskets

We’ll replace the timing chains in your engine

We’ll replace engine valves

We’ll do all that difficult engine work no one else wants to

And we’ll do it right.

We’re here when you need an experienced engine repair service in Wheat Ridge or Denver.