Cylinder head gasket repair

engine rebuild

Is your car overheating? 

Stop driving and let your engine cool off. 

Don’t drive your vehicle anymore until you’ve had the problem fixed. Driving a car that is overheating can cause permanent engine damage

You might need a new cylinder head gasket. Replacing a cylinder head gasket is a complex engine repair, but it’s worth it.

You will significantly prolong the life of your engine. We specialized in complex engine repairs like replacing head gaskets. Everyone wins!

So before you say goodbye to your beloved car, have us check it out. We can help with that blown head gasket. 

Cylinder head gaskets are essential for a well-functioning engine. 

The head gasket attaches to the head of the engine, which bolts onto the engine block. where the pistons are. 

Head gaskets are the most over-stressed gaskets in an engine. 

This is because they simultaneously seal oil, coolant, and engine compression away from each other and from the outside. 

Yeah, head gaskets do a lot… 

When head gaskets do blow, they can fail in a number of different ways. And you don’t want any of these issues on the car you rely on. 

We’ll get your engine back to running 100%.  

If your car needs a new head gasket because it’s been overheating, we can replace it for you. We’ll even have the cylinder head resurfaced by a machine shop so it will sit flat on the new head gasket. 

And just like that, no more leaky head gasket! Your engine will be happy. More importantly, you won’t be left needing a new car. 

Head gaskets can cause other problems besides overheating, too. If your car or truck is experiencing any of these symptoms, bring it to us before it gets worse.

  • Engine misfires 
  • Rough idle
  • Coolant leak
  • Water in oil
  • Compression leaking to coolant
  • Engine smoking
  • Engine blow-by
  • Oil leak
  • Blue exhaust smoke