Alternator replacement

Does your engine crank slowly when starting? Is your car’s battery not charging? Did your car die while driving down the road? Does your car have electrical issues? Are your car’s headlights dim?Is your car’s alternator or charging warning light on? 

You might need a new alternator in your vehicle. This could be as easy as replacing your alternator but can be more complicated. 

There are many signs you might need to replace the alternator in your car or truck. The repair team at Wesley Automotive can diagnose a failed alternator. And, we can fix it for you!

Does the battery in your car seem weak?

Is your battery dead or not holding a charge?

Are you having other battery problems with your vehicle?

If there isn’t enough charge in the battery then the starter won’t be able to properly crank the engine, leaving you stranded. We’ll check out your car’s battery and inspect the alternator. 

We can diagnose a bad alternator and replace it. We’ll get you back on the road as quickly as possible. 

Is your car’s starter not functioning properly? 

Does it just make a clicking noise? 

Or does the engine not turn as strong as it should?

One of the most common reasons cars and trucks have problems starting is a dead alternator. 

It sucks when your car doesn’t start. If your alternator doesn’t charge the battery you won’t be driving anywhere because your car won’t start. We can help diagnose and replace a failed alternator. 

Are there strange noises coming from under the hood of your car or truck?

Do you hear a rumbling sound while driving?

Is something under the hood squealing as you drive?

You could be hearing the death rattle of a dying alternator. Bring it to us and we’ll get your car fixed up before you’re left waving jumper cables at passing cars. 

Yes, we can even replace the alternator on your old car with an external regulator. 

We strive to be your top choice for alternator replacement in Wheat Ridge, Colorado and the entire Denver area. Come and see us today.