Tune ups

Car tune ups used to mean something completely different than what it means today. Back when cars had carburetors and distributors, “tuning up” a car meant setting carburetor adjustments, setting the ignition timing, as well as replacing the cap, rotor, ignition coil wires, and spark plugs. 

However, cars have changed. They no longer need tune ups in the sense that your old dodge truck needed a tune up.

Your vehicle does need regularly scheduled maintenance, though. If you come in and ask for a tune up, we might have some more questions for you, but we want to help. If you keep up with scheduled maintenance as outlined by your car’s manufacturer, you’re less likely to have unexpected problems. If you want to call that a tune up that’s okay with us. 

Master Mechanic Oil Change and Inspection

Bring your car in for an oil change, and we’ll have a real mechanic with a minimum of 10 years of experience look your vehicle over from top to bottom. That’s our Master Mechanic Oil Change and Inspection. 

We’ll change the oil in your car or truck, but it won’t be as cheap as if you get it from the lube shop down the street. We pay our technicians to do a lot more than change oil. So while you’ll have to pay more to get your oil changed here, you’ll have a real experienced mechanic do the job right. 

After we change the oil and any needed filters, we’ll perform a full inspection of your vehicle and make expert recommendations based on what we find. We’ll make recommendations based on manufactured recommended service intervals and what we’ve seen works best over decades of experience working on cars and trucks, from engines and transmissions to brakes, suspension, and more.