Clutch Repair

Whether your clutch is slipping, your clutch isn’t disengaging, your clutch is stuck, or your clutch simply feels worn out, we can repair your clutch. 

The clutch allows you to match the RPMs of the engine with the RPMs of the drivetrain. When the RPMs are matched between your engine and transmission, you can change gears smoothly without damaging the engine or transmission. 

A clutch is a mechanism that connects and disconnects the engine to the transmission in a manual vehicle. It allows you to change gears without damaging the drivetrain and other components in your car. The clutch is a vital part of a manual transmission car.

The clutch consists of three main parts: the clutch disc, the pressure plate, and the diaphragm spring. The clutch disc is a flat disc with friction material on both sides. The pressure plate is a metal plate that is bolted to the flywheel. The diaphragm spring is a large spring that pushes the pressure plate against the clutch disc.

When you press the clutch pedal, the diaphragm spring pushes the pressure plate away from the flywheel. This releases the clutch disc from the flywheel, disconnecting the engine from the transmission. You can then change gears without damaging the engine or transmission.

When you remove your foot from the clutch pedal, it engages the clutch disc to the engine gradually so the engine can match speed with how fast the wheels are spinning. The engine and transmission are now connected and ready to drive.

The clutch in your vehicle will wear out over time, and you’ll eventually need to have it replaced. All the individual components of your vehicle’s clutch system can wear out or fail. If you’re having issues with your clutch, bring it to us. We’ll assess what’s wrong and fix it. 

Many things can go wrong with the clutch in a manual vehicle: the friction disc wears out, pressure plates go bad, slave cylinders will leak, pressure springs will break, clutch master cylinders can stop working, clutch slave cylinders can fail, flywheels will get hot spots and chatter, slave cylinders will leak, master cylinders can leak, the list goes on. 

We’ve replaced tons of clutches and love manual transmission vehicles. Operating a clutch is an art, and we love it. We’ll fix anything that’s wrong with your manual transmission car or truck to keep the art of driving alive and well.